[Korean Super Healing Sold Out Artist’s First Taipei Solo Exhibition! 】

Every night when you return home, the daily routine in your life is the most joy worth preserving in your heart.

Artist Lim Solji graduated from Korea University of the Arts in 2014. After graduation, she worked as a teacher at an art college. In recent years, she has participated in various solo exhibitions, group exhibitions and expositions. These include the Seoul Museum, the Korean Folk Painting Museum and major art galleries.

The works are created in oil paintings, always with rabbits and children as the themes, with the space in memory as the background, and various dreamy and imaginary plants. She hopes that everyone can feel love and happiness through the paintings, and be happy in life. In daily life, it can awaken feelings of comfort and happiness.


Exhibition location:

Meiyu Art and Culture Tourism

Floor 14, No. 2, Section 3, Bade Road, Songshan District, Taipei City

Exhibition time:

VIP Preview|3/1 (Friday)


Exhibition period Duration|3/2~3/31

Opening Times: Opening Times |13:00-18:00


Free admission

If you want to inquire about collection, please message the small box







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【2024 Exhibition Information】

"Chen Guanru - Passenger of EMI"

Exhibition location:

Meiyu Art and Culture Tourism

Floor 14, No. 2, Section 3, Bade Road, Songshan District, Taipei City

Exhibition time:

VIP opening|2/2 (Friday) 13:00~16:00

Exhibition Period Duration|2/3 (Sat) ~ 2/18 (Sun)

Opening Times: Opening Times |13:00-18:00

(The museum will not be closed during the Chinese New Year. Welcome to come and have a happy spring outing!)


Free admission
When he was a student, Chen Guanru was able to study in the Department of Veterinary Medicine. Because of his fear of hemorrhage, he was destined to enter the Department of Design and Art. As a result, he suffered a liver attack just before the start of the institute and was hospitalized. The doctor forced him to take a break from school for half a year. During his recuperation, he received a gift from his mother. The first fountain pen in my life, I have fallen in love with the weight of this stroke since then...

If the story is not passed down, it will be lost forever.

Addicted to the charm of solar term culture, Chen Guanru is well aware that this natural daily life contains mythological stories, historical events, Chinese character aesthetics, as well as observations of nature, seasonal health recipes, the timing of agricultural and fish harvests, etc. The life wisdom of ordinary people, and then the emergence of agricultural proverbs, literature and poetry that carry local characteristics, most of them are gradually lost in today's efficiency-oriented society.

Therefore, he spent a whole year studying documentary materials and presenting them in his creation. The content is not only compatible with ancient myths, but also contains customs extended from historical events, so that cultural details are presented in the most vivid and clever way.

If you would like to request an electronic catalog, please send a private message to @meiart_tw to inquire.


Meiyu Art and Culture Tourism @meistaytw

Chong Er Feng Yue Boundless Illustration @romanticillustration

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2023 Joint Exhibition of Japanese Sculptors and Collections

Exhibition location: Meiyu Art and Culture Hotel - 14th Floor, No. 2, Section 3, Bade Road, Songshan District, Bei City

Exhibition time: December 8, 2023 (Friday) to January 28, 2024 (Sunday), 13:00-18:00 every day

Eligibility: Free admission

Organizer: Meistay, Mars Gallery
MINAMI MIYAJIMA Minami Miyajima / 2023 Taipei Solo Exhibition

Exhibition location: Meiyu Art and Culture Hotel - 14th Floor, No. 2, Section 3, Bade Road, Songshan District, Bei City

Exhibition time: August 11 (Friday) to August 27 (Sunday), 2023, 13:00-18:00 every day

Eligibility: Free admission

Organizer: Meiyu Art and Culture | Dongran Entertainment Curator: Soak Art Taipei @soak__art Special thanks to: Contemporary Tokyo @contemporarytokyo
[Personal profile] Miyajima Minami was born in Osaka City, Osaka City in 1997. With modern art as the axis, he has carried out various expressions such as graphic design and illustration.
. The creation of the work is a representative work. My own gallery "JITSUZAISEI (actual existence)" started in Osaka at 4:44pm on April 4, 2021 "From my own experience, I realized the importance of exploratory thinking, and took the perspective of exploration as my motto , I will continue to work hard to spread the idea of ​​broadening horizons and giving unlimited possibilities to the public." Aaimi Miyajima said she started creating at the age of 17. For her, drawing such graphics will purify her heart, just like me It's the same as throwing away all the worries, anxieties, sculptures, and pains. Until one time when she won an award, she no longer seemed to be guilty of creating, putting aside bad ideas and repurposing herself investigatively, so she began to work as an artist to let people in the world know who she was based on her investigative sites. The importance of repurposing oneself, if it continues for several years, will evolve into various shapes and expressions, giving birth to new types. Maybe in sync with my emotions, they change throughout my life. What kind of look will it evolve into in the future? "Mikami Miyajima invites everyone to enjoy the ever-changing modeling creations and participate in the world view of the "Block Girl" scenery!
[2023 Cicada Exhibition in Zhongtaile Life! 】

Cicada - a symbol of high moral character and immortality in Chinese culture. After many years of hatching into a pupa, it waits for the most appropriate time to emerge from the ground.

With the vigorous development of contemporary art today, emerging artists have persisted in their original intentions and continued to create after years of hard work, which has resonated with collectors who love contemporary art. The "Cicada Exhibition" will be held in midsummer every year, inviting collectors to experience beautiful memories together. , the growth and accumulation of artists.

Meistay Art and Culture Tourism once again joins hands with Hrd Artist Label to present the exquisite works of many Japanese artists in front of you and me. It will be a wonderful annual feast of contemporary art. You are invited to participate in the event!
Exhibition location:
NOKE Zhongtaile Life
Uncanny, 3F, Lequn 3rd Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City
Exhibition time:
August 1 (Tuesday) to August 13 (Sunday)
Sunday to Thursday 11:00-21:30
Friday to Saturday 11:00-22:00
Free admission

Art institutions:
Meiyu Art Culture Tourism|@meistaytw
Hrd Artist Label|@hrd_artist_label @hrdartjp

Special thanks to the following units:

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Yuya Saito Yuya Saito / 2023 Taipei Solo Exhibition "CURVING SUPER ZERO"
Exhibition location:
Meiyu Art and Culture Tourism
Floor 14, No. 2, Section 3, Bade Road, Songshan District, Taipei City
Exhibition time:
From June 30 (Friday) to July 23 (Sunday), 13:00-18:00 every day
Free admission
Meiyu Art Culture and Tourism|Dongran Entertainment
Soak ArtTaipei
Special thanks to the following units:
contemporary tokyo
Yuya Saito often explores the relationship between people and cities through his artistic works. His creative inspiration comes from his humanistic observations while living in Japan and studying in the United States, as well as his experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the subsequent high frequency of tsunamis. Pushing Saito Yuya from "coexisting with natural disasters" and social overcrowding
The culture brought about rethinks the relationship between people and cities, and then breaks through this contradiction to highlight the key to human beings as irrational and cultural creatures through the works. Selected paintings from the series of "Yuya Saito/Yuya Saito 2023 Taipei Solo Exhibition", with the theme of "Relationship between City and Humanity", and plane movement as the theme, analyze street movement with the cut angles of "shape", Yuya Saito and Yuya Saito use The original "curved surface" technique is used as the basic visual language of the painting, combined with common spray paint, various painting materials, and even the common advertising materials "stickers" in street culture are used to collage it, and finally ultra-high-resolution 3D printing is used Cover the entire surface of the work. middle
The dramas that are constantly being performed include people, things, objects and events to express that the city is a broken and fragile combined space. Countless dramas will also be staged and ended at the same time.
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Japanese contemporary artist - Sayuri Tsuboyama's first exhibition in Taipei "Between You and Me" Sayuri Tsuboyama is mainly famous for his paintings and prints. His works often focus on social issues and human nature issues, and often use "people" and "plants" to depict human beings. The relationship with nature and the transparent brushwork have a strong personal style. He is good at integrating Japanese and Western art elements, injecting a new look into the Japanese contemporary art world.
Exhibition time: April 28 (Friday) to May 19 (Friday)
Daily 13:00-18:00
Exhibition location: 14th Floor, No. 2, Section 3, Bade Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, Meiyu Art and Culture Hotel 105
Eligibility: Free admission
Organizer: Meiyu Art Culture and Tourism | Dongran Entertainment Curator: Soak Art Taipei
Special thanks to Contemporary Tokyo for welcoming everyone to the exhibition. If you have groups, guided tours and specific paintings to view <a target="_blank" href="https://forms.gle/z6vvqFzZVTPNx6zL7">, you can make an appointment with the art consultant.
The principal of meisay, Wang Sicong, Chen Ruyi, Zhang Xianjing and other famous collectors came to Shanghai Powerlong Art Museum to applaud Kaneda Ryoko. Her delicate brushwork and bold creativity made her paintings highly favored and became the favorites of major exhibitions. Invite Darling, this is Ryoko Kaneda’s first museum-level solo exhibition. It is a very important milestone and has also received the support of many big collectors!

Ryoko Kaneda
Solo Exhibition at Shanghai Powerlong Art Museum
Artist Ryoko Kaneda’s first museum solo exhibition was held at the Powerlong Art Museum in Shanghai, China.
On display is Ryoko Kaneda’s largest work to date, “Journey on the Road,” with approximately 50 paintings and sculptures, including new works by Ryoko Kaneda.
In addition, a series of Bodhidharma dolls with zodiac designs commonly seen in Japan and Greater China will be on display.
The scene is quite spectacular and exciting!
The audience is immersed in the world of healing!
Ryoko Kaneda's solo exhibition "Snow Moon Wind Flower" opening summary
■Summary of the opening of Ryoko Kaneda’s solo exhibition "Setsuki Wind Flower"
Exhibition name: Ryoko Kaneda’s solo exhibition "Snow Moon Wind Flowers"
Date: March 18, 2023 (Tuesday) to April 16 (Sunday), 2023
March 17, 2023 (gold) is the reception day
Venue: Shanghai Powerlong Art Museum, Room 7 (No. 3055, Caobao Road, Shanghai)
Host: HRD Artist Label (HRD ART Co., Ltd.)

■Introduction to Ryoko Kaneda
Born in Ibaraki Prefecture in 1991. Graduated from Yokohama Art University.

She depicts girls of all sizes to express beings beyond human understanding, such as gods and natural phenomena. In recent years, he has created many works based on Japanese local culture and daily atmosphere.
[Major solo exhibitions]
・March 2020 "Ametsuchi" ・Tokyo/Gallery Yukihira
・July 2021 “Golden Wuyu Rabbit” ・Beijing/Beijing Contemporary Art Gallery 42ArtSpace
・June 2022 "In Our Nature" ・Los Angeles/Corey Helford Gallery
・January 2023 “Ryoko Kaneda Retrospective Exhibition 2020-2022 “Ikusei Shimo”” ・Taipei / Hotel “Bifu meistay”

[Large group exhibition and art exhibition]
・October 2021 "THEATER" ・Tokyo/Artglorieux GALLERY OF TOKYO
・June 2022 "Cicada" ・Taipei/Hotel "Meiji Meistay"
・August 2022 "Moment to Last" ・Tokyo/Daikanyama Hillside Forum
・September 2022 "Intermission Intermission" ・Shanghai/Lyceum Theater
・October 2022 Art Fair “ART TAIPEI2022” ・Taipei/Taipei World Trade Center
・October 2022 "Intermission" ・Tokyo/Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore GINZA ATRIUM
・March 2023 Art Fair “ART FAIR TOKYO2023” ・Tokyo/Tokyo International Forum
Many other group exhibitions
Popular contemporary Japanese artist Ryoko Kaneda
The first retrospective solo exhibition in Taipei invites you to immerse yourself in childlike fashion
Retrospective Exhibition "A Few Stars of Frost"
January 7 (Saturday) to February 4 (Saturday), 2023

Taipei Meistay Art and Tourism and HRD Artist Label once again join hands to present classic works full of emotional tension and healing aesthetics created by popular contemp
Ryoko Kaneda's delicate beauty in painting and her innocent and childlike world view that is not affected by the real environment have become the focus of many collectors. Each work is worth a closer look and appreciation.

I hope these touching works can open up everyone's new horizons about beauty and fashion.

Ryoko Kaneda
Born in 1991, graduated from Yokohama Art University in 2014, now lives in Tokyo.
Ryoko Kaneda has a deep interest in anime culture and 19th-century Japanese Ukiyo-e and literature. Her works are mainly created in a flat format, depicting girls of all sizes to express gods and natural phenomena.
In recent years, he has created works based on Japanese culture and daily atmosphere, and is good at depicting various natural scenery and characters containing Japanese elements through cute anthropomorphic techniques.
Meistay Meiyu Art and Culture Tourism
A private apartment built to reflect the beauty of life, integrating design, style, and aesthetics. When staying here, you can not only experience the simple and elegant space, but also feel the life style and artistic beauty that the founder wants to convey.

Meiyu continues to plan and promote the direction and goals of "art cultural tourism". Every furnishing, every display area, every space and the music combination at every moment in the museum have been carefully portrayed and arranged by the art team. There are many contemporary collections in the museum. Rare works of artists will be on display from time to time, so that everyone who comes can feel immersed in art and culture from the moment they enter the lobby to enjoying their private moments in the room.
HRD Artist Label (hereinafter referred to as HRD)
Founded in Beijing in 2019, it focuses on the most promising contemporary artists.

Since its establishment, HRD has grown into one of the most influential art institutions in the same field in China.
Since its establishment, HRD has always been committed to helping new generation artists at home and abroad break geographical restrictions.
Make it active on the international stage and achieve the common growth of artists, collectors and brands.

HRD currently has a branch in Tokyo, Japan, and has established good cooperative relationships with offline exhibition spaces in Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Taiwan and other regions, and regularly holds artist solo exhibitions, group exhibitions and joint activities.

2023 Retrospective Exhibition "A Few Stars of Frost" Exhibition Information

Artist: Ryoko Kaneda
Organizer: Meistay Art Culture & Tourism & HRD Artist Label
Cooperating unit: BoonBoon Art
Date: January 7 (Saturday) to February 4 (Saturday), 2023
Location: Meistay Art and Culture Tourism
Floor 14, No. 2, Section 3, Bade Road, Songshan District, Taipei City
Free public visiting hours: 13:00 - 18:00
orary artists from unique fantasy perspectives. You will be shown 22 works from the past, as well as unveiling The latest work, let’s go into the time tunnel of Ryoko Kaneda.

This retrospective journey is meant to unfold the works of the past years, to reflect on the tempering experienced in different periods, to persevere in the hard process, to achieve the present appearance, and to share with more viewers Ryoko Kaneda’s growth as an artist. Process, "I hope that through the solo exhibition, everyone can get to know me better. These works are full of ups and downs and important memories for me."


Young !!! Youth !!! Artistic !!!
Fantastic Colors brought to you by Mei Art!!!
The Beauty of Artist’s Harmony
Fantastically versatile and colorful
Collection of young Japanese popular and well-known
Contemporary Artists Group Exhibition
Like a mobile art exhibition,
Come on board at AKA Automotive Art! !
"Beautiful Resonance"
Exhibition location:
AKA Automotive Art
No. 33, Lane 258, Ruiguang Road, Neihu District, Taipei City
Exhibition time:
From December 3rd (Sunday) to December 25th (Sunday), 11:00-17:00 every day
Free admission
Joint Exhibition Artist-
Hooly, Tartaros, Takumi Tsuchida
Daisuke Hiraoka, Ayairo
Chizu Wada ㆍ Nakai Bell 、Zoe
Tsuboyama Hitoshi
Yasuto Sasada, Neuronoa
Matsumoto Kojiro
Art institutions:
Organizer: @meiart_tw
Curator: @soak__art
Special thanks to:
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