Art Exhibitions Organized by Meistay
Meistay was founded in December, 2021 for the art and cultural tourism and the promotion of healing in the hustle and bustle of the city.
Meistay is an aesthetic hotel with decorative lights, coordinated music and unique displays of rare and famous paintings at every step you take. It is also a peaceful place where your mind, body and soul will be healed.

In Meistay, the paintings are changed from time to time. You will be impressed by all these paintings from the moment when you enter a room or the moment when you return to it for a rest. 

When you stay at Meistay, you will open the door to an immersive artistic experience.
In the museum of Meistay, lazy sofas allow you to choose your favorite viewing place, whether it is to be alone with the paintings, to share with your friends, to enjoy a comfortable and private space, to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Taipei day and night, to take a sip to forget about worries. All in all, every of these moments will become an unforgettable journey of yours.

Meistay is an art-themed hotel. In addition to the extensive artworks displayed in the hotel, various art exhibitions will be held from time to time for providing artists with more exhibition opportunities and allowing guests to stay in the hotel and enjoy the art of cleansing the soul.